2 ou 3 choses de Marie Jacobson / 2 or 3 things about Marie Jacobson – Anne Azoulay

Director / Réalisateur : Anne Azoulay

Fiction – 24 mn – 2018 – French & Yiddish / Français & Yiddish

Marie is a doctor. She smokes and reads a lot. And speaks from time to time with the dead. Today, she learns that it is her turn to die. She only has to live a few weeks. It’s short. She must act quikly, dream, laugh and still live…

Marie est médecin. Elle fume et lit beaucoup. Et parle de temps en temps avec les morts. Aujourd’hui, Marie apprend que c’est à son tour de mourir. Il ne lui reste à vivre que quelques semaines. C’est court. Il faut faire vite, rêver, rire – et vivre encore…


Script : Anne Azoulay
Production : Ysé Productions
Cast : Anne Azoulay, Fantine Harduin, Catherine Hiégel, Emmanuel Salinger

Biography / Biographie

Born in 1972 in Paris. Started first as an actress. Training : ENSATT / PIERRE DEBAUCHE COURSES.. Actress for the theater, cinema and Tv series. Nominated several times at the Famous French Cinema CESARS for The Best Female Newcomer (Lea by Bruni Roland/ Pays by Philippe Ramos) and French Theater MOLIERE as Best Actress in a Supporting Role (King Kong Theory by Virginie Despentes). She has also written several scripts for Feature Films of the Director Bruno Rolland.

Filmography / Filmographie

2 ou 3 choses de Marie Jacobson (2018)